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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Clothes By Hand

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Washing clothes by hand can be a relaxing activity if you know how to work your way around it. Here are the common mistakes we make when hand-washing our daily garments.

Skipping the water preparation

It’s common sense to fill the water in the bathtub before stepping into it. The same common sense should be applied to our garments. When we put clothes in the tub without preparing the water – the fabric will be vulnerable. The force of water will cause stress. Putting in the detergent before the water would also cause more difficulties.
Therefore, the right way is to fill the tub with water and then add in detergent. Followed by stirring the water to dissolve the detergent before finally adding in your clothes.

Scrubbing stains

Your clothes should not be scrubbed aggressively, particularly the delicates. Stains stop being stubborn when you give it proper attention. Instead, you should pre-soak the clothes to remove the stubborn stains. For lighter stains, soak for about 15 minutes and the tougher stains for approximately 1 hour.

Rinsing using running water

Running water causes fabrics to stretch – so, avoid doing this no matter how convenient it may seem. Always prepare a separate tub for rinsing as it is the best way to remove excess detergent on the fabric.

Wringing out the water

Wringing or twisting the fabric to get rid of water is a habit that should be kept for your enemy’s favourite shirt. Doing so is the perfect formula for a damaged fabric. Instead, the right way is to gently squeeze the fabric to remove the moisture.

Hanging them up to dry

Drying laundry should not be equated to hanging clothes. Hanging is one of the ways to dry your clothes if the fabric is not fragile. For your delicates, just rest them on a flat surface or on a dry towel. Do not place the clothes directly under the sun to dry but instead on a shady area that is warm.